Cascadia’s Journey to Planet ctcLink

Greetings spaceflight passengers! It’s a great big universe. Full of dark energy, dust clouds, and pink-disco-ball space creatures. (Maybe, who knows?) One thing we know for sure: Planet ctcLink is out there and Cascadia is preparing for lift off. The route from Earth is not yet well traveled. But our crew — fueled by Tang and good cheer — is fearless and quickly mastering the technology to guide us into the next frontier. This is the official manual for our Journey to Planet ctcLink. Access it at any time to get a glimpse into what’s going on. As with any space travel, we may need to revise flight plans mid-course. So strap in tight and get ready for warp speed.

A select few brave and talented employees are leading Cascadia’s journey to Planet ctcLink.

Fear not. Planet ctcLink promises a glorious future for us all. It’ll make you wanna bust into a spacewalk.

We’re encountering wondrous new phenomena every week. Don’t float into the atmosphere — keep up to date.